Mapping Philosophy

Our pilot Mapping Philosophy visualises four sets of metadata (place of publication, author, title, year) from books in logic from 1700 to 1940, including the ERCís fundamental sources, on a computer-generated, interactive geographical map of Europe.

First we collected the metadata (semi)manually by extracting 7100 bibliographic records from Risseís Bibliographia Logica (1965).

Then we manually input one metadata set (place of publication: 1100 cities) on a geographical map of Europe.

Finally, our computer science partners programmed a rudimental visualization tool which was designed jointly with us and which, using the ERC data as input, visualizes on a map of Europe which books in logic by whom where published where.

One of the pilotís aims is identifying centers of excellence in logic through time in a quantitative way.

People involved

Arianna Betti (Axiom Group, VU University)
Hein van den Berg (Axiom Group, VU University)
Bettina Speckmann (TU Eindhoven, computer science)
Kevin Verbeek (TU Eindhoven, computer science)
Paul Huygen (IT service, VU University) [programmer]
Jouke Kramer (University Library VU) [librarian]
Paul Barendregt (University Library VU) [librarian/programmer]

State of Affairs

This project was funded by the Royal Academy of Arts and Science of the Netherlands (two small grants, 2011 & 212); programmer hours granted by the IT centre of the VU University Amsterdam.

Mapping Philosophy was a succes. To give an idea of the sort of maps that we have been able to develop: