Arianna Betti: Media

Video Codecabinet

Discussing codes with Bettina Speckmann & Marc van Kreveld for Paleisje voor Volksvlijt.

Interview: Trouw Newspaper (in Dutch)

An interview in the newspaper Trouw on my research ambitions in digital humanities. For a picture of a copy in print, click here.

Press release: ERC Proof of Concept (in Dutch)

The press release of the VU University on the ERC Proof of Concept that has been awarded to me.

Interview: 130x Looking Further

An interview with me on language and the world on open access in the VU University Annual Review to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the VU

Interview: VU University - Top Scientists (in Dutch)

An interview with me about my philosophical research and the use of computational tools in philosophy.
The interview is part of the exhibition "Top scientists VU University Amsterdam and VUmc".

Video & Quiz: On Portable Holes and other containers

For Paleisje voor Volksvlijt, Dina Danish and myself discussed the (alleged) properties of portable holes.

A general impression of the evening:

The quiz on (portable) holes, presented by Floris Tilanus and myself:

For more information see here.

Video: What is truth?

My research explained for a non-specialist audience.

Column: Bezwaren rondom het ius promovendi - Promotierecht aan herziening toe (in Dutch)

This column - written by Ingrid Robeyns, Peter-Paul Verbeek and myself - states the objections that the Young Academy of the The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences has with respect to the current states of affairs concerning the exclusive role professors have to supervise PhD-students in the Netherlands, whereas other academics can only be co-supervisor.

Video: Open Access (in Dutch)

A video on Open Access as a VU University testimonial for the Dutch Open Access wee (18-24 October 2010) selected as kick-off event closure for the global Open Access Week (Washington).

More info can be found here and here.

Video: The values of science/De waarden van wetenschap (in Dutch)

In the video below, several members of the Young Academy of the The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences give their opinion on the trend towards assessing scientific research on the basis of economic value: science is much, much more than this. I am one of them.

On the 7th of June 2010, two days before national elections, the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad has embedded the video on their webpage and has published an editorial by the Young Academy on the values of science on their webpage and in print: "Munt slaan uit wetenschap is te kortzichtig -Toepassing mag niet voorop staan".

Radio interview on truth (in Dutch)

An interview with me on Tarski's conception of truth and formal languages has been broadcasted on the Dutch station Radio 5 on May 17th, 2010. You can listen to the podcast here.

Interview: ERC Starting Grant

An interview on my ERC project in the ERC Starting Grant - Supporting the next generation of research leaders in Europe.
(ERC official brochure on the Starting Grant), summer 2008.