VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Philosophy
Axiom Group
Group of History and Philosophy of Logic, Semantics and Axiomatics

Arianna Betti 
URC Professor
ERC Starting Grantee
Logic, its History and Philosophy, and Ideals of Science in 19th-20th Centuries (Bolzano to the Lvov-Warsaw School), Metaphysics and Its Methodology (Mereology, Facts, Tropes), Digital Humanities
ERC Project: Tarski's Revolution
Iris Loeb 
Logic, its History and Philosophy, and Ideals of Science in the 20th Century; The Lvov-Warsaw School; Constructive Reverse Mathematics
ERC Project: Tarski's Revolution
Hein van den Berg 
Ideals of Science in the Modern Period (Wolff, Kant, Analytic/Synthetic), Philosophy of Biology
ERC Project: Tarski's Revolution
Stefan Roski
PhD student
Logic, its History and Philosophy, and Ideals of Science in the 19th-20th Century, Bolzano, Quine, Analytic/Synthetic
ERC Project: Tarski's Revolution
Jeroen Smid
Research Assistant
Metaphysics (Mereology), Bolzano, History of Analytic Philosophy
Mariya Koleva
Postmaster Researcher
Computational Linguist, Digital Humanities, Text Mining for Historical Texts, Computational Morphology
Pauline van Wierst
Student Assistant
Logic, its History and Philosophy, Analytic/Synthetic, Bolzano
Associates & Visitors
Willem R. de Jong 
Professor emeritus
Logic, its History and Philosophy, and Ideals of Science in Modern Philosophy (17th-20th Centuries: Kant, Logic of Port-Royal, Bolzano, Analytic/Synthetic)
Lieven Decock  
Logic, its History and Philosophy, and Ideals of Science in the 20th Century; Quine, Carnap, Analytic/Synthetic, Epistemology (Embodied cognition, Philosophy of Colour), Philosophy of Mathematics

Johan Blok (Groningen)
PhD Student
History of Logic and Epistemology (especially 18th/19th century), Philosophy of Mathematics, Diagrammatic Reasoning, Kant's Theoretical Philosophy, Bolzano; IT and Web Technology
Paola Cantu' (CEPERC, Aix-en-Provence)
Chercher CNRS
Logic, its History and Philosophy, Argumentation Theory, History and Philosophy of Mathematics (Bolzano, Peano, Padoa, Grassmann)
Anita Konzelmann-Ziv (Basel)
sep 2009
Bolzano, Philosophy of Mind, of Language & Epistemology, Analytic Phenomenology, Collective Intentionality
Timen Olthof  MSc. (Computer Science), BA (Philosophy)
(VU Amsterdam)
MA student Philosophy
(Human) Creativity, Aesthetics, History of Philosophy, Multimedia & Mobile
Venanzio Raspa (Urbino)
NWO Visiting Fellow
apr-jul 2009; sep 2009
History of Modern Philosophy (especially Meinong), Aesthetics, Metaphysics
Jan Sebestik (Paris)
Bolzano-scholar-in-residence sep 2009
Bolzano, Philosophy of Science and its history.
Robin Brons (Roosevelt Academy University College)
Digital Humanities
Jan Willem Wieland (Ghent)
PhD student
Infinite Regress Arguments, Philosophy of Explanation
Paul Huygen
VU Amsterdam/University Center-IT
Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Control, Physiology, Computers and Law
Stefan Schlobach (VU Amsterdam )
Assistant Professor
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group, Creation of Expressive Formal Ontologies
Sanne Vrijenhoek (VU Amsterdam )
Network Institute Academy Assistant
Student Assistant
Digital Humanities (working on Phil@Scale with Pauline van Wierst)
Bettina Speckmann
(TU Eindhoven )
Full Professor
Algorithms and Data Structures; Discrete and Computational Geometry; Applications of Computational Geometry to Geographic Information Systems; Graph Drawing.
Kevin Verbeek
(TU Eindhoven )
PhD student
Computational Geometry; Graph Drawing; Automated Cartography
Martin Reynaert
(Tilburg University)
Assistant Professor
Computer Linguistics; Morphology; Language and Artificial Intelligence
Constantijn J. Sikkel (VU Amsterdam [WIVU/Eep Talstra's Werkgroep Informatica]/Leiden)
CALAP, Turgama, Data and Tradition
Computer-Assisted Analysis of Ancient Texts, Classical Hebrew and Syriac