Tarski's Revolution: A New History
Semantics and Axiomatics from Bolzano to Tarski against the Background of the Classical Model of Science

An Erc Starting Grant Project

Arianna Betti (Principal Investigator)
Hein van den Berg (Postdoc Researcher)
Iris Loeb (Former member)
Stefan Roski (Former member)
Jeroen Smid (Associate)
Mariya Koleva (Former member)
Pauline van Wierst (Student Assistant)

Faculteit der Wijsbegeerte, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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This project aims at rewriting the history of Tarskiís revolution in semantics by taking into account the development of axiomatics from Bolzano to Tarski. Bolzanoís extraordinary work in semantics has been especially significant for the Polish tradition to which Tarski belongs, and Tarskiís ideas in turn have changed the course of contemporary analytic philosophy.

Tarskiís work represents a crucial turn in the history of semantics and related fields. The research project aims to establish that the turn at issue must be interpreted in connection with the development of axiomatics in Poland. In particular, the project proposes to interpret Tarskiís turn on the basis of a new framework, the Classical Model of Science, which systematises a general axiomatic ideal of scientific knowledge. The ideal goes back to Aristotleís Analytica Posteriora and has been highly influential for more than two millennia.

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